1. Download the latest stable release from the Kohana website.
  2. Unzip the downloaded package to create a kohana directory.
  3. Upload the contents of this folder to your webserver.
  4. Open application/bootstrap.php and make the following changes:
    • Set the default timezone for your application.
    • Set the base_url in the Kohana::init call to reflect the location of the kohana folder on your server relative to the document root.
  5. Make sure the application/cache and application/logs directories are writable by the web server.
  6. Test your installation by opening the URL you set as the base_url in your favorite browser.

Depending on your platform, the installation's subdirs may have lost their permissions thanks to zip extraction. Chmod them all to 755 by running find . -type d -exec chmod 0755 {} \; from the root of your Kohana installation.

You should see the installation page. If it reports any errors, you will need to correct them before continuing.

Install Page

Once your install page reports that your environment is set up correctly you need to either rename or delete install.php in the root directory. Kohana is now installed and you should see the output of the welcome controller:

Welcome Page

Installing Kohana 3.1 From GitHub

The source code for Kohana 3.1 is hosted with GitHub. To install Kohana using the github source code first you need to install git. Visit for details on how to install git on your platform.

For more information on installing Kohana using git submodules, see the Working with Git tutorial.